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We provide supported independent living (SIL) accommodations, offering a supportive and nurturing environment for individuals with disabilities to thrive in Hoppers Crossing, Mernda and Craigieburn.

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NDIS Assistance with Social and Community Participation in Hopper's Crossing

Engaging in social and community activities is a wellspring of joy and fulfillment, serving as a crucial avenue for personal development and independence. Through this form of support, NDIS participants gain access to an array of programs, events, and activities tailored to their unique interests and capabilities. It empowers them to lead active, meaningful lives within the embrace of their communities.

At Esteem Care, our dedicated team of compassionate professionals wholeheartedly embraces a person-centered approach. We craft support services that are precisely aligned with each individual's distinctive needs. Whether it involves joining social groups, participating in community events, or honing essential life skills, we consistently go the extra mile to ensure our clients flourish in every facet of life.

What is Increased Social and Community Participation?

At its essence, the promotion of increased social and community participation seeks to dismantle barriers and open doors to individuals with disabilities. It empowers them to actively engage in a wide spectrum of social, recreational, and community-based activities. The overarching objective is to enable individuals to lead enriching lives, cultivate meaningful relationships, and make valuable contributions to their communities.

This concept encompasses various facets, including participating in NDIS group activities, volunteering, and actively contributing to the improvement and advancement of one's neighborhood or society as a whole. The underlying principle is that individuals should not merely exist within their communities but actively participate in their growth and well-being. In summary, participants can reap numerous benefits, such as:

♿ Engaging actively in social and community-based activities and events.
♿ Involvement in community gatherings, programs, and initiatives.
♿Interactions with neighbors, peers, and the wider society.
♿Participation in recreational, cultural, educational, and volunteer opportunities.
♿ Enhancement of social inclusion and a sense of belonging.
♿ Cultivation of connections with others and the establishment of support networks.
♿ Opportunities for skill development and personal growth.
♿ The chance to lead fulfilling lives and make positive contributions to society.

What NDIS funded Activities are Considered Social Activities?

Below are the activities covered by NDIS within the scope of community participation services:

♿ Becoming a member of local clubs or interest groups
♿ Involvement in community events and festivals
♿ Attendance at social gatherings and celebrations
♿ Engagement in arts and crafts workshops
♿ Attendance at social gatherings and celebrations
♿ Participation in sports and recreational pursuits

♿ Enrollment in cooking or baking classes
♿ Volunteering for community service initiatives
♿ Joining support groups and peer networks
♿ Participation in dance or music lessons
♿ Exploration of outdoor adventures and nature hikes
♿ Attendance at social skills training sessions

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